Summer Getaway in Aegina

Summer Getaway In Aegina

Are you searching for a summer getaway spot that’s not only near, but also affordable? Aegina is the place to be. We have yet to meet someone who’s been to this beautiful saronic island and hasn’t revisited – or planning to. You just can’t help but fall in love with its simplicity and beauties, and most of all, it deprives you of absolutely nothing. 


With your arrival at the port of Piraeus you will find multiple, frequent ferrys that will take you to Aegina with the blink of an eye. Once the Aegina port is visible, you will notice its beginning from the ancient ruins to your left, all the way to its end at the Panagitsa church (the Presentation of the Virgin Mary).

Taking a stroll at the port, you will see the graphic fishing boats and the yachts that are resting there, completing the beautiful open sea. Somewhere in the middle of the way you will find the Aiakou street, don’t forget to give the Sea You concept store a visit so we can welcome you to our island! In between the alleys, aside from a variety of shops and goods, you’ll notice the gorgeous pink bougainvilleas that spring out of yards every now and then and give a colourful touch to the island. 


αρχείο λήψης
Summer Getaway In Aegina


The imposing Aphaea temple, the organised beaches with the bluest of waters and the not-so-organised rocks to dive from, the open air cinema, the little taverns and local coffee shops, and the unique beach bars, will give Aegina a special place in your heart as they have done to many of us before. And last, but by no means least, make sure you don’t miss out on the magnificent sunset that floods the island with hues of orange and purple, resembling a true artist’s painting.


Summer Getaway In Aegina

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