Essentials for Winter οn an Island

Essentials For Winter οn An Island

Have you ever thought of visiting an island during the Winter? What stopped you?

The island of Aegina is understandably one of the best destinations for your summer vacation, however it does not get enough credit for its winters. Sure you won’t be able to play in snow, or slide down a snowy hill, but the fact that it stays warmer than most regions makes it even more interesting!

Because of this fact, life just doesn’t die. You might take a walk in the island’s heart on the coldest day of the year, and still see the regular customers enjoying their coffee with their friends and taking in the calming era of the port! What’s even better in the winter, is the missing boats from the pier which leaves you with the clearest view of the sea and its never-ending waters.

There are, however, a few essentials to visiting an island like Aegina in the winter. Of course you will need warm clothing, “warmer than ” is NOT enough to keep you from catching a cold. A good suggestion would be to carry a scarf and a pair of gloves with you at all times, just in case you need them.. here are some scarfes and gloves suggestions you will find in our shop, to keep you warm and cozy!


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And of course, you can’t forget raincoats! You will find a great selection of colors and sizes in our store, and also on our e-shop. You can click on the link below and it will lead you right to them!

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..and of course we can’t forget our little friends!

And last but certainly not least.. beanies! Who doesn’t appreciate a good-old beanie to keep your ears warm and toasty during cold days? I know we do. Nevertheless, if you are more into the latest trends but still want to steer away from the cold, we’ve got your back! The newest additon to our store and your wardrobe, bucket hats! Here are a few examples:


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And there you have it! 

Now you’re all set up and ready for your winter vacation on an island. Who would’ve thought?!

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